Studio Manager


Business manager for modern photographers

Enhanced client onboarding, manage contracts with ease, and collect payments faster.

Business manager for modern photographers

More business. Less busywork.

Make your business beautifully simple.

Get paid faster

Send invoices that your clients can pay online, on any device, at any time.

Send professional contracts

Keep business moving forward with seamless digital contracts and e-signing.

Stay organized

Simplify your business by managing your clients, documents, and to-dos all in one place.



Invoicing made simple. Getting paid made easy.

Sending invoices and getting paid on time has always been complicated and time consuming. Now we make it easy for you to send and for your clients to pay.

  • Accept credit cards and bank payments online
  • Create payment schedules
  • Send payment reminders
  • See Example 


Professional contracts that get signed fast.

Onboarding new clients has never been easier or faster. Start with a contract template, add essential details and have your client sign online anytime, anywhere.

  • Sign documents with e-signatures
  • Get contracts signed online with any device
  • Create custom templates with smart fields
  • See Example 


Get answers quick with questionnaires.

Gather pre-shoot information or make scheduling easier with a better way to ask questions. Build and share questionnaires with a few clicks. You'll create a seamless experience for your clients, get quick responses, and build customer loyalty.

  • Easy-to-use questionnaire builder
  • Send forms with your unique branding
  • Keep responses for future reference
  • See Example 


Confirm pricing with flexible quotes.

Send quotes with multiple packages and optional extras to ensure your clients get exactly what they want.

  • Customize quotes with selectable packages or add-ons
  • Get quotes approved on any devices online
  • Auto create invoices from accepted quotes
  • See Example 


Look stunning with fully customizable documents.

Who said formalities need to be boring and plain? Bring your branding and personal touch into the documents you send to your clients. Show them the quality of your work is carried through to the tiniest detail.

  • Your logo and branding on your documents
  • Typography and color customization
  • Elevate your documents with custom header images


All the tools you need to simplify your workflow.

Client Management

Organize all your client communication, to-dos and deliverables.

Auto Reminders

Notify clients automatically when they haven’t signed a contract or paid an invoice.

Branded Emails

Make your client communication more professional and on-brand.


Save time by starting with pre-made templates for contracts, invoices and emails.

Offline Payments Flow

Offer clients the option to pay offline with cash, check or any method that fits your workflow.


Instant notifications when your client signs a contract or pays for an invoice.

Pixieset - Studio Manager

And this is just the beginning...

We’re excited about what's in store for Studio Manager. Our mission of making photographers' workflows as easy as possible is at the core of our design strategy and product roadmap. We’re working to constantly improve and roll out new features.


Beta for Pixieset means it is fully functional and ready for use in the real world, while we keep adding new features in the upcoming months. Hundreds of photographers with early access are already using Studio Manager as an important part of their client onboarding, to send invoices and contracts, and get paid.

Studio Manager is designed to give you all the tools you need to run your business. Some of the key features you should expect next:

  • Quotes, proposals, brochures
  • Client and project management
  • Scheduling and booking
  • Workflow automation
  • And much more